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Old County Ledge

With smooth faces and a modern, angular edge, Old County Ledge is the stone of choice for those seeking an orderly look. This series is a well-organized combination of varied size and texture, but with an undeviating line.

Stone size: 1½"-7"x4"-23½"


  • antiquejadeOC.jpg
    Antique Jade
  • portlandmistOC5 (1).jpg
    Portland Mist
  • bordeauxcreekOC.jpg
    Bordeaux Creek
  • portlandduskOC.jpg
    Portland Dusk
  • moonlitforestOC1.jpg
    Moonlit Forest
  • mossyoakOC.jpg
    Mossy Oak
  • buckcountryOC.jpg
    Buck Country
  • kodiakridgeOC.jpg
    Kodiak Ridge
  • charcoalOC (1).jpg
  • bluegrassOC.jpg
  • PortlandMistOC.jpg
    Portland Mist
  • portlandsmokeOC (2).jpg
    Portland Smoke
  • deserthollowOC.jpg
    Desert Hollow
Antique Jade
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